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Welcome to Almitas’s Organic Yacon Syrup & Superfoods website and eCommerce store. At Almitas, we feature a range of healthy, tasty superfoods that can help you lead your best life.

For our launch, we have our highest-quality Yacon Syrup in two affordable, convenient sizes. Suitable for vegan, gluten-free, and keto diets, our organic, non-GMO Yacon Syrup is grown and processed using traditional, time-honoured native methods that ensure maximum nutritional value.

Organic Yacon Syrup — Classic Jar

285 g
The industry’s highest-quality Organic Yacon Syrup in our most-affordable size. With 30 percent FOS (Fructooligosaccharides), Almitas sets the standard the rest of the industry is trying to reach. Nurture Yourself with Almitas today — and get the maximum health benefit from your Yacon Syrup.


Organic Yacon Syrup — Value-Sized Bottle

500 g
For a limited time, you can purchase our industry-leading Organic Yacon Syrup in our easy-pour, family-sized glass bottle. It’s the same trusted Yacon Syrup found in our classic jar — same quality, same benefits — just more of it. Order today while supplies last!



At Almitas, we believe you should trust your gut — and feed your gut, too. That’s why our organic, traditional, nutrient-dense superfoods provide maximum health benefits and are suitable for every kind of diet, from keto to gluten-free to vegan. It’s also why we’ve built a trusted supply chain that has organic and food safety certifications every step of the way. And, it’s why we empower our growers to protect the traditional methods that give Almitas the industry’s highest-quality and most-trusted superfoods.


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Shouldn’t superfoods be “super”? Learn more about the benefits of superfoods and why not all of them are created equal.


At Almitas, we believe in giving our customers a Better Product for a Better Price. That’s why we focus on ensuring the highest standards of quality and providing that quality to you for a reasonable price.

What good is healthy, high-quality, organic food if it’s not also affordable and accessible to many people?


Pictured: Pistachio and Raspberry Energy Bars

Looking for simple ways to add the health benefits of Almitas superfoods to your family’s diet? Try our ever-growing collection of nutritious & delicious recipes for every taste and occasion. With Almitas, eating healthy can be simple, fun, and affordable.

Organic & Healthy

No matter your health and wellness goals — losing weight loss, improving digestive health, boosting your immunity, aging well, or simply eating healthier — Almitas’s certified organic superfoods can give you the increased nutrients and reduced calories needed to help improve your diet.


Almitas superfoods have no added sugar and are low in any natural sugars they do contain.


Among other benefits, several of Almitas’s superfoods are also naturally high in fibre (fiber).


Almitas products are the perfect addition to any dish — you never have to worry about added fat.

Wholesale/Bulk-Buy Options

Staying true to our roots, Almitas also offers bulk-buy options with wholesale pricing for large-order customers. Buying for a business or group? We cater to all sizes and budgets.

Almitas Affiliate Program

If you’re currently a social media star, or dream of being one, we want you on our team. Spread the word about Almitas’s amazing superfoods — and make top-level commissions in return.

As a vegan chef and natural health advocate, I’m always searching for foods that taste great and benefit my health and wellness. That’s why I trust Almitas organic, non-GMO superfoods. They are excellent products at affordable prices and have become the foundation for many of my own personal recipes.

– Paulina Nienartowicz, vegan chef and food photographer

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